About me

I am an economist and a political scientist who, in his research work, seeks to better understand how political and economic institutions work and the multi-dimensional and/or multi-level effects these can have on the political process and ultimately in the lives of people. My research work has a neoinstitutionalist approach and concentrates on institutions, systems of government (concretely democracy) and society.

I also consider myself an educator, and therefore I am interested in higher education methods to enhance my seminars. In particular, I am interested in how to use technology in the seminar room. I have been using tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Blackboards, Youtube, DropBox, Zotero, Pinterest, Evernote, Feedly, Figshare,and Prezi, just to give some examples, in order to complement the lecture/learning session. I have not only taught in universities, but also have engaged with adult education.

I also do consulting work on international politics which is geared towards the study and analysis of the West European and Latin American markets and political events, such as the respective regulatory/normative frameworks, particular sector markets and their relevant policies and the political and economic environments. I also have developed a system to manage political risk, which is useful for companies engaged in international ventures. The core idea is not just to mitigate political risk but manage it effectively.

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